A strong industrial services partner

We are a modern, forward-thinking team here at Mimab and, over the years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in the industrial and maritime sectors. Our customers' needs are always our main priority and we pride ourselves on our ability to be where we are needed, exactly when we are needed. 

Our main areas of business: 

  • Terminals & Ports
  • Remediation & Surface Treatment
  • Transportation & Construction
  • Industry & Industrial Projects

A strong and reliable partner, Mimab's ambition is to always exceed our customers' demands and expectations, and continue to deliver services and products of the highest quality.

We're on our way to becoming Sweden's go-to industrial services company.

  • Our customers are our main priority
  • We are at the leading edge of industrial services
  • We are constantly developing our services to meet emerging industry trends
  • Our staff are our most important assets